Thursday, February 25, 2010

Odds and Ends 9


SETHGODIN.COM -- Frightened, Clueless or Uninformed?


GOOGLE -- Google Voice explained. I've been using this for years, back from when it was Grand Central. If Google decided to charge, I would pay heavily to continue using this. But, Google is so awesome that it's free.


NEWS.COM -- Sony envisions universal controller for game consoles - an LCD-screen based game controller? No thanks. I'll take tactile buttons any day.


CRINGLEY.COM -- It's time to say goodbye to Flash


ENGADGET.COM -- MIT's Flyfire paints images in the sky using micro helicopters - interesting idea but most of video is just a fancy screensaver


ENGADGET.COM -- Modern Smartphone Radio Design Partly to Blame for Network Issues? - apparently the iPhone and other new smart phones will drop a data connection at the end of a transmission and only resume when it needs to. It's apparently this constant connect and disconnect -- not bandwidth -- that may be the cause of problems with new phones.


APPLE.COM -- Apple just sold its 10 billionth song - who, besides Apple, got paid? Black Eyed Peas, Lady Gaga, and Flo Rida, to name a few.


MASHABLE.COM -- Twitter helps Erykah Badu and Paul McCartney connect for Sample Clearance - a process that typically takes months and many lawyers in much less time


MASHABLE.COM -- Chatroulette explained - 71% male, 15% female, 14% pervert - if you've ever wondered about Chatroulette but figured you were better off not actually checking out the site, here's a short video that explains what it is and the user's own study. Interesting and entertaining.


Some guy kept track of the stuff he did over the year and compiled it into a video. What a lot of work.

Dan Meyer's 2009 Annual Report from Dan Meyer on Vimeo.