Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The radio's playing some forgotten song

7:30 am - I'm guessing real-world physics don't support a gun that shoots small projectiles made of ice with enough force to shatter a car window because if they did, there would probably be a red pickup in our neighborhood with a missing back window today. In every possible way, in every dimension of space and time, in every possible alternate universe for all time forever and ever I had the right of way.

7:45 am - 32 degrees. Guess I'm not walking before work.

7:55 am - I guess I must be thankful for soundtracks to bad movies for the new music they expose me to. Without the Wayne's World 2 soundtrack, I doubt my iPod would otherwise ever play "Radar Love" by Golden Earring which is a great song to drive to. Searching for it on Google (because I didn't know who it was by) brings up some guy music critic named Bill Lamb who calls it one of the top 10 driving songs ever. Here is Bill Lamb's list: I have a number of these. To others that quickly come to mind for me -- "Kickstart My Heart" by Motley Crue and "I Will Not Go Quietly" by Don Henley. What about you, my few readers, what are your favorite driving songs?

9:15 am - A slightly slower morning. Getting caught up on stuff. Woo.

12:00 pm - Great chapel today. The speaker/preacher got really fired up, "2nd. Baptist" style. Lots of opportunities to shout "Amen!" Fun stuff. Great thought (paraphrased): Need is need is need. At that moment, it's not the time to ask them how they got there. God has blessed us so that we can bless others.

12:55 pm - Email from Travel Services advising us to backlog due to storms on the least coast. She signed it "warmly" hee

3:42 pm - Word of the day - disemprobablization. As in " the far-distant and totally-perfect future, the world starts becoming less and less probable, things fall apart, the center cannot hold, and there occurs what comes to be called the 'glitch' -- a grave danger of disemprobablization. This results in a time-traveling effort at saving the future..." (from an upcoming social video game)

5:00 pm - A former boss wrote "LOL I should have known better than to fence with you." I like getting stuff like that. Fun.


Sent an email today that I didn't want to send, to a *lot* of people. (A change in the way we do something here that's going to be seen as a decrease in service.) The responses so far:

"ok, this made my day. I am still laughing. LONG LIVE STEVE MARTIN! Hang in there James..... :)"

"Hang around you long enough and one begins to see a very quirky and interesting personality lurking there! Appreciate the thought you guys are putting into being excellent servants, and the good communication."

"James, beautifully written, eloquent, articulate, expressive, long, oh-no-not-more-process, okay-I-know-we-need-it..."

"Love the note. Made me laugh several times."