Thursday, February 18, 2010

Odds and Ends 7


MASHABLE.COM -- MySpace CEO Out After 9 Months. Well, now. That was quick. Maybe you have to get inside before you can see how bad it is?


CROSSCUT.COM -- Finally, a Hard Rock Cafe for Cobain, Vedder, Hendrix, and more - sounds very cool. Lori and I need to check this out some time sans children.


MASHABLE.COM -- Are We All Asking to Be Robbed? - pulls in all the check-in tweets to point out what a bad idea those are.


SEATTLETIMES.COM -- 45-story condo tower proposed for low-profile Federal Way - would be the tallest building between Seattle and Portland. Would be 34 stories taller than the tallest building in Federal Way


LIFEHACKER.COM -- FillerItemFinder Helps You Secure Free Amazon Shipping - $2.34 short of the $25 needed for free shipping from Amazon? Tell this site and it'll help you find the cheapest items in the categories you select in order to put you over the top.


VINTAGESEATTLE.COM -- View of Seattle pre-I-5


SEATTLETRANSITBLOG.COM -- International Perspective: Transfer Stations - A good look (with video) of how to and how not to do modal transfer stations. Suggests we really ought to be thinking about this now for UW and Bellevue.


Funniest Verizon map commercial yet.


The future of lighting. None of you will watch this. It's mostly 4 minutes of scientists talking. But there is some cool visuals in it, like nanofibers wrapped around human hairs and nanotubes bursting and energy streaming out of them. Basically, this is about a future lighting technology, or more accurately a reflection and refraction technique that gets energy savings fo a CFL without the mercury and without the glass. The article I read suggests it could be commercialized within 3-5 years. So if you do watch it and then one day these lights do come to pass, you can hear the phrase "Nice story, grandpa." when you talk about the four minute video you watched way back in 2010.


Google Liquid Galaxy Display. Frames are too wide.