Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A1A Beachfront Avenue


8:00 am - Now I have "Defying Gravity" stuck in my head. Not a bad song.

9:00 am - I just got a call back from Waste Management about my comments in my anonymous survey (I declined to optionally include my name and phone number on the final screen of the survey). Guess they're as good at taking surveys as they are at billing. Not very good. Bottom line, not sure if the billing thing is going to ever get fixed (I believe they owe me at least $20 and an apology) but they're bringing us a larger recycling bin today.
and then it got busy


8:00 am - Really weird talking about Lost when one guy is 4 episodes behind and another is a few seasons behind.

8:45 am - People in the office talking about The Matrix. There are some people here that have been drinking the same Kool-Aid that Lori has - they swear that movie had not one but two sequels. How could the best movie ever have a sequel, let alone two? There's no way they could measure up. They would probably be really bad. I'm glad they never made sequels to The Matrix.

11:00 am - Another urgent all-hands summons this afternoon, but first chapel.

12:00 pm - Margaret Becker sang and spoke. Really cool talk. Now, lunch. Pouring rain.

1:30 pm - All-hands meeting is over. Nothing to note. Rain still falling outside..

2:15 pm - Been a quiet afternoon. Still raining heavily.

5:10 pm - Why does it always get really busy and interesting at 5 pm? It's like I hit my stride way too late each day. Sun is out and clouds have rolled back. Looks golden out there.