Monday, March 12, 2007

But It's Only Been a Week

Hey, look, it's been a week and here I am with my first Cingular Wireless, or AT&T if you will, complaint. It's actually Wirefly's fault, originally. When we bought the phones from Wirefly through, they were set up in the wrong area code. To be sure, 206 is an awesome area code to have, but if we don't live there, it's no good to ask our friends and family to call long distance. When the confirmation e-mail arrived from Wirefly, I called Cingular Wireless (#1). He couldn't figure out what our phone numbers should be and suggested I call the local Cingular Store (#2) which I did. Then I called them back (#3) and they were happy to get the phones set up for the correct phone numbers. The phones arrived a few days later via Fed Ex and when we turned them on they immediately recognized the correct phone numbers.

Saturday night I was playing around and signed into Cingular's website. It showed what I currently owed, and listed all four phone numbers, each with a charge listed next to it. I used the Contact Us (#4) form to contact them and asked what the charges were. I got a nice e-mail back today explaining the charges, but it wasn't enough information to be helpful. So I called Cingular (#5) and the woman who looked at my bill said that they were number change charges and because the mistake wasn't Cingular's, there wasn't anything they could do about it. So I asked to speak to a manager.

I was transferred and got the voicemail of someone. So I explained everything again and am now waiting for the promised call back.

Everyone I've talked to at Cingular (with maybe the exception of #5) has been super-polite and helpful, but it's kind of annoying to feel like I've been ripped off for $62+taxes on phones we've had less than a week is a little frustrating. Hopefully the woman whose voicemail I got will
understand and do right.

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