Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Resolved: I Will Write More (Consistently)

I was inconsistent in writing this past year.  I did quite a bit of creative writing, but I could have done more, I could have worked harder at writing more regularly.

I looked back over the year and I started off a lot more prolific than I did at the end. I'll need to figure out a way to be consistent. Because I feel like I didn't write a lot, but I went back and looked and yeah, I guess I did. So I guess I need to work more at being consistent. On one hand, I guess I wrote when it occurred to me. On the other hand, why write at all? I think it stretches me, pulls me away from the reality. I also write a lot of solitary or observant stories.

I also think I have an overused conceit - often ending with a twist or a surprise or some kind of hint at something beyond my story. I need to work on that in the future.

Last year:

Any suggestions on something I should attempt in the new year? (If you're reading this in Facebook, please click through the blog and post your suggestions there. That'll make more sense later.)
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