Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Sift 31-35

The Sift 31: People are People

  • Have You Taken a Moment to Say 'Thank You'?
  • Self-Destructive Instructions
  • Strangers In Our Midst
  • Treat Different Customers Differently
  • Why We Have Too Few Women Leaders (Video - Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook)


The Sift 32: Good to Know

  • Why You Learn More Effectively by Writing than Typing
  • AMBER Alerts Now Available on Facebook
  • Examiners use spectrum analyzers to bust cellphone-packin' cheats
  • Use a Google Voice Number from Outside the U.S.
  • Encrypt, Password-Protect, and Keep Your Phone Out of Pocket to Avoid Warrantless Searches


The Sift 33: Transit and Travel

  • The Burden of the 787
  • Streetcars and the Transit Master Plan
  • Top 8 Ways to Score Free Hotel Upgrades
  • Tesla Confirms Plans to Unveil Electric Model X SUV This Year
  • WSDOT helps guy propose aboard Amtrak


The Sift 34: Turmoil in Egypt

  • YouTube, Flickr Show Escalating Violence in Egyptian Protests
  • Facebook and Twitter Blocked in Egypt
  • Internet Access & SMS Blocked in Egypt as Protests Escalate
  • How Users in Egypt Are Bypassing Twitter & Facebook Blocks
  • Protest Spreads in the Middle East (photos)


The Sift 35: Hey, It's Facebook

  • Netflix Working on Deep Facebook Integration
  • Facebook may be developing, testing VoIP calls straight through its website
  • Facebook Increases Security by Allowing HTTPS Usage Everywhere
  • Facebook phone rumors resurface: cloud-based, HTC-built?
  • Facebook Experimenting with "Social Captchas" for Authentication


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