Sunday, January 09, 2011

The Sift 11-15

The Sift 11

  • Detect Liars by Offering Them Two Choices
  • Detect Liars by Forcing Them to Think
  • Overcome Fear and Anxiety by Making it Your Only Option
  • Avoid Added Stress by Just Deciding and Moving Forward
  • Measuring Busy-Ness


The Sift 12

  • Porsche promises to unveil 'new model' in Detroit, could it be the 918 Spyder plug-in?
  • Beijing to Eliminate Gridlock by Cutting Vehicle Registrations by 2/3
  • How Much Commuting Actually Costs in 90 Cities
  • McDonald’s Opens With Electric Vehicle Charging Stations
  • Tesla Says Electric Car Battery Plan Means Profit at Low Volume


The Sift 13

  • Your Cellphone Is Subject to Warrantless Searches in California
  • All European Cell Phones to Have USB Chargers By 2012
  • AT&T Cuts iPhone 3GS Price to $49
  • 5 E-Book Trends That Will Change the Future of Publishing
  • You Can Now Lend Your Kindle Books to Friends for 14 Days


The Sift 14

  • One word: Bufferbloat (or is that two?)
  • The White iPhone IS the Verizon iPhone
  • 1.8-inch and 3.5-inch disk drives will die
  • Bufferbloat may be terrible, but your cable ISP won't fix it
  • Facebook Forks


The Sift 15

  • Prioritize Your Time Instead of Budgeting It
  • Take More Daydreaming Breaks to Improve Your Focus
  • Weasel Words are More Difficult to Get Away With
  • Emphasize What’s Different
  • That's Not the Way We Do Things Around Here


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