Friday, January 15, 2010

120: Dear Diary

Dec. 14

Last night E came over for dinner with her.... boyfriend? Guy is kinda creepy.

After dinner I was still out on the deck watching the boats go by. Most of them are all lit up with Christmas lights. F and E took the dishes in. I could see F rinsing them off in the kitchen (Reminder: thank him later) but don't know where E went.

I was wearing the beige skirt with the lavender flowers and a violet top. The one that I got at Nordstrom's last month when that guy at the piano kept playing the same song forever and the girl at the register with the tongue-piercing she kept trying to hide said she didn't even think he worked there and then I couldn't find the car afterwards because I had taken F's stupid truck instead of my car and I had that really good smoothie afterwards. Anyhow, it was a little cold out, but I know F likes it. All the sudden C comes over, sets his drink on the railing next to me and throws his coat over me. Gag. Smelled like Muskox.

Then he starts talking about how he's gotten to know E over the past few months says the weirdest thing "She talks an awful lot about you... and butter... which I like." Seriously! Puke! Weirdo. (Reminder: ask B at work if he knows how to do a background check on someone.)

The he touches my hand. I thought I would die - of revulsion. Then he starts talking about how much he likes my sister, but then somehow he moved on to talking about cocker spaniels and wind farms and lawn mowers. (Reminder: bleach hand) Seriously. Guy just went on and on about dogs and my sister and I just kept going "uh huh" at him. Dude did not take a hint.

Finally after a million years E finally comes back out and comes over to C and he wraps his arm around her and they look like a cute couple. Seriously, F, we have a dishwasher. (Reminder: don't thank F later.)

Finally he came back out with coffee and I was able to put that stinky coat onto a deck chair but I wanted to throw it over the railing into the bay. (Reminder: need to pick up dry cleaning tomorrow.)

I need to call E tomorrow. What does she see in Captain Cheesehead?