Monday, January 03, 2011

Resolved: I'm Going to Be a Better Shape

In 2010, I arrived at a smaller shape, thanks to this great website/iPhone app Lose-It, support and encouragement of friends and family.  I give a lot of credit to my wife.  She also started the program this year and because she was on it, it made it much easier for me to get calorie counts for meals and helped a lot with portion control.    Now, I've stopped using the program because I've reached my goal weight, but I intend to stay at this new goal weight (am toying with losing 5 more, actually) with the tricks I learned from that program, such as portion control and healthier choices (and if I go 2.5 over my goal weight, I automatically have to start tracking again until I drop back to my goal weight - my rule).

Thanks to Lose-It!, I was able to 22.5 pounds.  My wife is working towards a more ambitious goal, as is my friend Corey.  This year, I want to continue to be an encouragement to them.  But also, now that my shape is smaller, I'm starting to look at where the me is that is left.  And am starting to realize that there ought to be more muscle me and less fat me.  So in 2011, I am going to work to get stuff rearranged, more toned.  I've got another new iPhone app that will help with that, but I've only been using it for a very short time, so it's too soon to tell.  I am also going a small number of push-ups, jumping jacks and sit-ups with the intent to slowly increase over time.
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