Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Sift 21-25

The Sift 21: Picture This - Data as Pictures (aka Infographics)

  • Guide to House Cat Coat Color and Patterns
  • How WordPress Themes Actually Work
  • The 2010 Mashable Awards Winners
  • Metro Unveils Monthly Performance Website
  • The Illusion of Diversity: Visuallizing Ownership in the Soft Drink Industry


The Sift 22: Future of Driving

  • Sneak Peek: Tesla Model S Electric Sedan
  • A look at BPG Motors amazing, transforming, self-balancing Uno
  • Porsche unveils 918 RSR, the 767hp hybrid
  • Detroit 2011: Inizio Electric Supercar Now Available for Pre-Order!
  • Charge Your Electric Vehicle Wirelessly with Fulton Innovation’s eCoupled Technology


The Sift 23: Health, Medicine, Disability

  • Vitality GlowCaps smart pill bottle toppers now available on Amazon
  • Self-sterilizing door handle looks perfect for hypochondriacs, is as real as their ailments
  • 'Skin Printer' Could Help Heal Battlefield Wounds
  • Thimble concept translates real-world input into real-time Braille
  • VerbalVictor App Gives Voice to Disabled


The Sift 24: Music Notes

  • Skunk Juice earbuds and their magnetic connectors might just save your ear drums
  • Library of Congress receives 200,000 vintage master recordings from Universal, will stream them online
  • Bohemian Rhapsody + (4 x one violin) + (4 x one guy) = awesome (video)
  • It's like Big without the piano - Bobby Ferrin plays the audience (video)
  • Music from my favorite movie played with ping pong balls (video)


The Sift 25: Bad Moves

  • Stuck with the Status Quo
  • Italy rules YouTube and other video sites are like TV stations, are liable for content
  • Designed to Deceive
  • It Would Have Been So Much Easier to Make Us Happy
  • Raising Expectations (and then Dashing Them)


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