Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Sift 26-30

The Sift 26: Architecturally Speaking

  • Taking down the McGuire, without using explosives
  • Greener SF 49ers Stadium Plan Includes Eco Hotel Where Fans Can Watch from Their Rooms
  • Seattle’s Ballard Library Pairs a Sweeping Green Roof with Natural Light
  • DOE Develops Flexible Glass Material That Is Stronger Than Steel
  • China Builds World's Longest Bridge


The Sift 27: Eats

  • New Recipes for the New Year
  • Food Tips I've Found Helpful
  • Phinney Ridge Neighborhood Photo
  • Cheap Eats: Personal Pizzas for 38 Cents a Pop
  • Seattle Website Knows What You're Eating


The Sift 28: Taking a Seth Day

  • Bigger or Smaller?
  • The First Rule of Doing Work that Matters
  • What Are You Working On?
  • A Culture of Testing
  • Making Meetings More Expensive


The Sift 29: Yet Even More Prognostication

  • 6 Predictions for Social Networks in 2011
  • 6 Web Pioneers on What the Internet of the Future Will Look Like
  • Verizon’s iPhone story isn’t so black and white
  • 40+ Things You Need to Watch in 2011
  • Are We Headed for Yet Another Dot-Com Crash?


The Sift 30: The Dropbox Edition

  • DIY - Netbook-and-Dropbox Powered Stereo Automatically Syncs Music to Your Car
  • Nebulous Notes is a Dropbox-Syncing Text Editor for Writing Code (and More)
  • Dropquest Awards Up to 1 GB of Dropbox Space Through an Online Scavenger Hunt
  • Grab Up to 768 MB Free Dropbox Space Through Social Media Connections
  • Wait.. What? Still Not Yet Using Dropbox? Sign-up here.


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