Tuesday, January 04, 2011

The Sift 6-10

The Sift 6

  • Amazon patents procedure to let recipients avoid undesirable gifts
  • Why Your Child's School Bus Has No Seat Belts
  • Want to Change Behavior? Make it Easier.
  • Website advertising pilot project begins at ferries
  • Lennart Green does close-up card magic (video)


The Sift 7

  • Working Out Before Breakfast Is Better for Weight Loss
  • RunKeeper Pro FREE through the end of January
  • Improving your odds at keeping New Year’s resolutions
  • Maybe Next Year
  • Predictions for Google's 2011


The Sift 8

  • Nissan Leaf rates you against other drivers, creates a high score list for hypermilers
  • Russia Constructing High Speed Rail System for 2018 World Cup
  • New Jersey Mayor Uses Twitter to Help Residents Through Blizzard
  • An Orlando Theme Park of Biblical Proportions
  • 2011 Sound Transit Budget Approved


The Sift 9

  • Social Networks Are Not Killing Our Social Lives
  • 10 Reasons Every TV Exec Needs to Start Tweeting
  • Should You Accept Mom & Dad's Facebook Friend Request?
  • How To: Explain Twitter to Your Parents
  • MySpace to Make Major Layoffs?


The Sift 10

  • Happy New Year!
  • Sharing Trends in 2010
  • For a happier new year, Seattle and the state need to think big
  • 10 Predictions for Web Development in 2011
  • 7 Predictions for the Gaming Industry in 2011

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