Sunday, January 02, 2011

Resolved: I Will Take More Photos

We have a picture frame in our foyer that holds four photos.  The goal has always been to pick our favorite non-people photo each month and put it in the frame, moving the others up.  We were successful for a year or two, but then we stopped and for a year and a half, the same photos appeared in the frame.  Kind of sad, really.

I recently decided to update the frame and went to look at the photos we'd taken.  For all of December, there wasn't a single photo that wasn't of people.   I grabbed the camera, set it to manual, turned off the flash, set it to a slow shutter speed, aimed in at the tree, zoomed in and then moved the camera around as I took the photo.  Had some interesting shots.

And then nothing for November and some simple photos of flowers for September.

So, for the new year, I resolve to take more photos, to try to be more artistic, more creative, looking at the world in new ways through the lens.
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