Friday, September 20, 2013

Feed Sift

Recent finds I wanted to pass along...


Don't Give Stores Your Zip Code Unless You Want Their Junk Mail - Each time you give it, it's another tally mark again your zip code. Enough tally marks and they carpet bomb the entire zip code. You did it to yourself. (Lifehacker)


Editor's Picks from the 2013 National Geographic Photo Contest - Self-Explan. (Twisted Sifter)


12 Photos That Will Shatter Your Image of Famous People - President Obama the Pirate, Osama Bin Laden on a shopping trip with his family, The New Girl without bangs (Cracked - so you know my church friends and coworkers may be uncomfortable with some of the language on this site)


Chuck Feeney: The Billionaire Who is Trying to Go Broke - a guy who enjoys making money but doesn't actually care for it is working hard to make sure it's going to continue to make money while helping others. (Forbes)


Innovation of Loneliness (video) - a really great explanation of why Social Media hasn't made us feel less lonely and actually probably makes us feel more lonely. A must-watch. (4:28)

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