Friday, September 27, 2013

Feed Sift

Here's five things I've come across recently that I wanted to share.


An End of Books - Seth Godin explores an end. A longer piece, a good read.


Death and Taxes FY2014 - They'll sell you the poster, but they'll also let you see it in all its meticulous detail on this page. A breakdown of the entire federal budget. (


40 Awesome Maps - This stuff is just fun - from the 22 countries Britain hasn't invaded to what the moon would look like if the United States were located there. (Twisted Sifter)


Thoughful Design - Why GM cars sound like they do - a brief look into what goes into today's sound engineering. (


Niagara Falls - some angles you've probably never seen before. (Yeah, you'll probably want to go full screen.)

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