Monday, September 16, 2013

Failing Fast (A Work-Related Post)

They talk at work about "failing fast" - the idea to take appropriate risk, but on a small scale. Try something out - learn from the successes and build upon them, learn from the failures in order to do better next time.  But you're executing quickly, prototyping, making small incremental gains by learning quickly if the path you're headed down is the wrong one before you've invested too much time and energy into it.

It's a fine concept, but it needs a better name, like "Little Wins" or "Bounce Upwards" or something. Anything besides "Failing Fast."

The Problem
with Failing Fast
is You're Expecting to Fail.

They can't all be wins, but you've got to set your sight on the wins, celebrate the wins, spend less time losing and more time #winning.

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