Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Someday, you will look back upon today. You will compare it today the present day and wistfully think about how much simpler it was then. Sure, there will be a few points in time that stick in your mind more clearly, high school, college, single, renting, before kids.

The little house that didn't take so long to clean (but had no heating or air conditioning, causing inside temperatures to range from 40 to 110), before kids when you could go to dinner at 9 pm (but you were actually longing for children), when you were renting and didn't have to worry about plumbing or the HOA getting on your case about weeds (but there was that loud neighbor and the woman who parked so crummy in the space next to yours and the stacked parking... ugh).  High school where mom and dad paid for everything (but there was so much you didn't know, and everything had to be just a certain way or else you'd get ridiculed - like that thing about Teen 1: "I saw you at KMart!" The Crowd: "You were at KMart? You're so lame!" - I never understood that. How did teen 1 see you there unless they were there?)

Today, you're looking ahead - life will be so much better when I move out and get my own place... when we stop renting and buy our own place... when I get that promotion... when we get our bills paid off... when we have kids... when the kids are sleeping through the night... when they can walk... when they're potty trained... when they go to school... when they go off to college...  when I retire.

This point in time. Right now. This very moment. It may seem difficult, you may be facing struggles. Things may not be perfect.

But in time, you will look back at this point in time fondly and you'll remember the happy parts as being a little happier and the sad parts? They'll be harder to remember.
So, right now, in this moment. Stop looking back wistfully to a simpler time. Stop fantasizing about a future point in time where things will be easier. Stop looking at the frustrations and struggles you're facing. Right now. Look around. Find beauty, find joy, find calm, peace. Find that which is good and celebrate the moment.

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