Sunday, September 22, 2013

Book Review: The Sacrifice

The Sacrifice by Charlie Higson

It's kinda weird how quickly (if you can call four books in quick) you accept a world where everyone over the age of 16 has become an enemy - a adle-brained decaying being who eats children. The descriptions and depictions in this book would be downright disgusting if were shown on a screen, but left to my imagination, I'm able to separate myself from it and avoid being disgusted or creeped out by it.  What you should not do, however, is go to Google Street View and look up the places described. That makes it easier to imagine the events described in the book and that starts to creep you out. Especially when it's such innocent places as a Tire Store or an IKEA.

But I might also be starting to be less scared - the further in we get, the less it seems that you get to know someone only to have them end up dead. I guess that's the case as the fittest are the ones that survive so as we go, for both adults and children, we see a select few gaining power.  But which way will it tip?

The Sacrifice isn't a singular event, this might just be part of the naming trend of the books, but as you look, you see different ideas and concepts that might all be described as sacrifices.

We also learn more about what caused the parents to degrade in the first place, but not really, it's kept intentionally slightly vague, but it's unsettling and possibly a little less than satisfying. But we see the adults seeming to being acting in ways less adle-brained but we also see the children learning how to better combat the adults, possibly even stop what's happening to them.

And we continue to see children working to rebuild the world based on what they know and trying to comprehend how the world did work, could work and what they can accomplish. And face the fact that in time, they will be the adults of the world and the responsibilities and implications that brings on.

Still enjoying the series and looking forward to the next installment.

(My review of "The Fear" seems to have gone missing. That's frustrating.)

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