Friday, September 06, 2013

Feed Sift

Five posts recently that caught my eye.


Design for Hackers: Why You Don’t Use Garamond on The Web - some great information on what to do and not to do concerning typography on the web. (David Kadavy,


Future finally arrives as Martin Jetpack approved for manned test-flights - we've been watching for some time now as they swooped and soared with a real honest to goodness jetpack strapped to their back. And now, they have permission to do testing, a prerequisite for eventually selling or renting them. (


Hyperloop - Elon Musk (of Paypal, SpaceX and Tesla) believes he's got an alternative to High-Speed Rail and he put some of his smart employees onto the task of spec'ing out what it might look like, what the route could be, how much it might cost and a bunch of scientific stuff in the 34 page PDF you'll find here. Sure, there are detractors, but you'll have to go somewhere else (like Seattle Transit Blog) to here them whine. (


Honda intros Project Drive-In to save outdoor movies through digital projectors - the move to digital has not been kind to independent theaters, including drive-ins. The switch means investing in new, costly projectors that these theaters just can't afford. Honda's newest publicity stunt is kinda cool - underwriting the cost of a few digital projectors. Yay, Honda! (


Peek app brings eye exams to the developing world, no attachment required - working for a international humanitarian assistance charity, I have a keen interested in stuff like this - finding ways to improve people's lives through technology (beyond just being able to entertainment for 3 minutes while I'm walking somewhere). ( again, yeah, an Engadget-heavy Feed Sift. Sosumi.)
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