Monday, September 30, 2013


Often by the time I get to the end of the month, it feels like the month has flown by. This month didn't fly by. It wasn't a bad month, it was a packed month.

It was a packed day. I'm weary and worn out. So, let's fly through this.

The Big Elements

simplify - canceled two credit cards. That's about it.

diet and exercise - I've been doing better. I've been sending Lori my Lose-It results from each day. I've been walking regularly. Still not running. Not sure why, I think it's been a lack of time in the evenings.

work - busier than ever. I thought I'd have more time to research and read up on the discipline, but it's just been far too busy.

family present ideas - Lori's presents have been wrapped for a few days now. I'm pretty proud of that fact. Now need to start thinking about Christmas presents. :)  Though we do have one from Ben to Rachel.

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