Sunday, September 29, 2013

Week 26 (Final)

Sunday afternoon - I stayed home with the children this morning instead of going to church (details below). Ended up getting quite a bit done.  Completed everything except for 20 items. Some of them can't be done until tonight and some just keep getting pushed from week-to-week so I need to make an effort to get to them this week because I'm tired of carrying them.

This week:
  • Schedule: A quiet week at home and at work, as far as my calendar is concerned. Illness has forced us to cancel weekend plans.
  • Family: Spent Thursday evening with Rachel decorating and wrapping Lori's gifts. Now I have to wait until her birthday for her to open them. I guess I like wrapping stuff last-minute better.
  • Reading: Fast Company Oct. 2013Putting Jesus in His PlaceAliens in the Gift Shop, The Final Summit, Reader's Digest Sept. 2013, Days of Blood and Starlight
  • Simplification: Cleaned up my inbox? Not that it's staying clean. Recycled some stuff at work. 
  • Diet & Exercise: One day staying under my calories. Will be over on Monday and Tuesday.  Still just over 10 pounds above my goal. I've been here before. I've been much closer before.  I was noticing this morning at my weigh-in that I've had Wii Fit for over 1,600 days. I'm lighter, but then I don't use that consistently, I ought to be a lot lighter at this stage.
Tasks This Week:
  • Sunday: 10 completed, postponed 5 (11 planned)
  • Monday: 36 completed, 7 postponed (31 34 planned)
  • Tuesday: 21 completed, 18 postponed (34 35 39 planned)
  • Wednesday: 29 completed, ? postponed (33 35 50 planned)
  • Thursday: 26 completed,  27 postponed (29 30 33 55 planned)
  • Friday: 21 completed, 32 postponed (23 28 52 planned)
  • Saturday: 45 completed, 35 postponed (26 29 30 35 62 planned)
  • Sunday: 46 completed, 20 postponed (23 25 26 29 55 planned)
  • Total: 233 completed (210 208 181 160 139 113 55 20 not done)
  • Once and Done: 84 92 79 73 63 54 47 33 16 tasks not done
  • May Repeat (only counted once): 12 13 12 11 1 task not done
  • Daily: 15 16 17 16
  • Can Be Done Early (might still repeat): 55 61 54 51 47 44 42 25 15 tasks not done
  • Nice to Have: 141 148 141 139 138 136 135 tasks on the list

Saturday evening - Got a lot done today. It's been raining almost all day, sometimes so much that there was foamy white rapids in the road and a lake at the bottom of the street because it couldn't drain fast enough. It was awesome.  Watched the full-length pilot for CBS' Mom. Far less funny and far more crude than the 5-minute condensed version. Not a show we'll keep watching, even if it does have Allison Janey in it.  I'll be staying home with one or both children tomorrow morning (because Ben's sick and Lori will be singing in both services but Children's Ministry programs for tomorrow have been canceled due to flooding at church but I should be able to get a lot done tomorrow.

Friday evening - It seems like every night I have a new excuse for not doing many chores. Tonight? Someone posted a three minute video about their brother with autism (there's a link in the comments on my recent post "Sense of Loss" and after that I ended up watching a 50 minute BBC documentary about Dr. Temple Grandin on YouTube.  Also an incident with a massive spider who was leaping at my fingers after I trapped it under a plastic container.

Thursday evening - One of the things on my list took a lot of time. (Decorating for Lori's birthday.) Not sure happy with how it turned out, but she didn't grimace. I got it done ahead of time, all the gifts are purchased (and wrapped!). Lori's mom invited herself and offered to make a cake. (I should have invited her - I'm making a note to make sure I take care of that sooner next year.) So, stuff is done, but a lot of stuff that got pushed to today now gets pushed to tomorrow. I am sleeping better, I think the new trick is working. If it continues to, I'll make a blog post out of my secret. Lori's also done a few things that were on my list - stuff she's trying to pick up now that the children are in school. Yay for that.
Wednesday evening - Argh... bulldozering... good thing I've keep the weekend light, stuff is piling up and getting pushed forward. I might have figured out how to get a good night's sleep. It'll take a few more nights to confirm if I've solved that or not.

Tuesday evening - I did not get a lot done today. Not on my list, but it was time to do some taming of my inbox.

Monday evening - Hey, it's Monday. That's all. Nothing to see here.

Sunday evening - Instead of doing the stuff on the list, I did something else. I thought it was one item, but it's more like 13 and I did the first five.

Sunday afternoon - Hello, new week. Keeping it super small with the essentials. Tried that last week and still ended up with one or two that I didn't get to. (Some of the ones postponed from last week were just daily items that I'm going to do now.)

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