Sunday, September 29, 2013

Print Sift

Some more stuff I've read recently...


From Facebook Beginnings, GoodRx Cofounders Bring Simplicity to Prescriptions - some good lessons here on problem-solving. (Fast Company, Nov. 2012)


How Ben Rattray's Became a Viral Consumer Watchdog - it's not just politics. (Fast Company, Sept. 2013)


AmazonFresh Is Jeff Bezos' Last Mile Quest For Total Retail Domination - A look at where Amazon's going next and who'd better look out. (Fast Company, Sept. 2013)


FloDesign'a Jet Engine Turbine Will Change the Way You Think About Wind Power - why put all the turbines in one place and then build this whole infrastructure of wires that are subject to their own failures? Why not generate the power where it's needed? (Fast Company, Sept. 2013)


Dear Little One: A Letter to My Daughter - Wow. A good read for all parents and their daughters. And any man who wants to be a boyfriend. (Reader's Digest, Oct. 2013)

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