Friday, September 13, 2013

Print Sift

Some stuff I've read recently in magazines that I'd like to share.


Good Idea, Too Bad It Didn't Work - Twelve funny things that sounded like good ideas at the time, but in practice, well, not so good. Horrible, actually. (Reader's Digest, July 2013)


IBM's Watson is Learning Its Way to Saving Lives - Really interesting how the IBM project is learning in a profession that now produces more learnings than any human can keep up with. (Fast Company, Nov. 2012)


How to Be An Elegant Leader - I liked this article because it is about the idea of elegance and its connection to simplification. Two quotes: "Leaders should ask themselves two questions: One: What would the people in my organization like me to reduce or stop doing? Two: What would my competitors hate for me to reduce or stop doing?" and "Leaders like to put structures in place, but a very structured environment can be extremely inelegant." (Inc., March 2012)


Best of America - Inspiring Stories. An online selection of some of the 50 items in the print article. I do not understand Reader's Digest's idea of repackaging stuff online in a way that doesn't match the print magazine. Makes it much harder to share. Very annoying. (Reader's Digest, July 2013)


The Man Who Made the Cash Register Obsolete - It started with a list: "140 Reasons Why Square Will Fail." Jack Dorsey of Twitter was setting out to found a new company and he knew he'd need VC money. But he knew they'd want to pick his idea apart. So he did it for them and then prepared counterpoints for each of their arguments. (Inc., May 2013)
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