Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A Thing a Day 10

Day 10 - Audio/video cables
This wasn't the absolute mess I expected.  I have a few other boxes (computer cables, power cabling) that are probably worse.

This is a box I keep under the counter in the laundry containing audio and video cabling.  Mostly RCA and a few coax.

Now... Everything in our house that needs to be connected is, so these are all extras.  One or two might belong to a still or video camera, but for the most part, this is all somewhat extraneous.

I probably split the pile in half.  I opened any cabling still in plastic bags and discarded the bags.

Dropped any 2-cord RCA, dropped the cheaper looking or shorter 3-cord RCAs, dropped any really short coax cables, the old computer microphone, those awful iPod headphones.  That's all now in the recycling box.

Put the rest back in the box for any special times when I might need extra cabling, like if we have another Superbowl party and Corey brings over his projector or something.  (Though Corey's also got a great kit of his own.)
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