Thursday, August 12, 2010

Odds and Ends 42


MASHABLE -- 10 Fun Microsoft Facts You Might Not Know


ENGADGET -- Transformable Wall-E gets recreated with some love, Lego and DIY skills - yes, the text is embarrassingly bad in the video, but still cool what they did with Legos.


CROSSCUT -- Should Seattle allow big corporate signage on its skyscrapers?


FAILBLOG -- Gym Sign Win


MANAGEFLITTER.COM -- Twitter Tool - great for helping you keep your Twitter list tidy - can see who posts infrequently, who posts too frequently, people who aren't following you back, people without an image on their profile, people who haven't posted in months, etc. Can also see how many other people have used the site to unfollow someone. (1 person has used it to stop following me, but that's a lot less than @DarthVader or @ConanOBrien. mwuahaha.) Also... I was still following @FlashForward?


INFOSTHETICS -- The Interactive Holographics in Iron Man 2 - cool looking. Still need to see this.


SEATTLE VINTAGE -- Pike Place Market photo - Yeah, taking a PPM photo is required by law of all tourists. But have you seen one from 1910 before? I hadn't.

-8-10- Videos after the break... An following-wheelchair, a bridge being built, and how Google Translate works...


Robotic wheelchair that track and follows a walking companion, even knowing when you roll next to and when to follow behind (based on other people or narrow hallways). And it keeps track of the person's shoulders in order to anticipate a change in direction. Pretty cool.


Timelapse of bridge being built over 405 in Bellevue... Read more here.

-10- VIDEO

How Google Translate works

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