Saturday, August 28, 2010

Odds and Ends 48


"Everyone gets organized at some point, they might just not be around for it." -- Sue DeRoos


CNET -- DARPA wants a flying car


INHABIT -- Sonnenschiff[, Germany]: Solar City Produces 4X the Energy it Consumes




ENGADGET -- Nike files patent for auto-lacing sneakers, Marty McFly doth protest. Wow.. that's heavy.


SETH GODIN -- Sell the Problem


ZEROVIEWS -- The Best of the Bottom of the Barrel - A curated list of the best videos, that until they'd watched them, no one'd watched them.


THE INDEPENDENT -- Why the world is running out of helium

-Videos after the break... Babies controlling wheelchairs, a guy that seems to make crystal balls float in the air and a surface-like board that can interact on its own with physical objects on top of it.


What do you get when you strap a baby potty seat (or a booster seat?) onto a Wii Fit balance board and then stick some wheels underneath? A chair a baby and drive by leaning. Make it float and it'll be the chairs right out of Wall-E.


Wow... this guy is good.

-10- VIDEO

Madget... a painful portmanteau derived from magnet and widget. Of course, at some point, magnet probably sounded like a weird word to people. Anyhow, the potential here is very cool.

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