Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A Thing a Day 16

Day 16 - The nightmare under the counter
Under the counter in the bathroom, we've kind of each staked out a side.  I have this blue caddy and a bunch of stuff that was in it and a bunch of stuff that was piled around it.

And, really, a lot of stuff didn't belong there.  Sock rings?  A small flashlight that casts a large oval with the bat signal in the middle?  Lots of tiny toothpastes?  Loose, clean, q-tips?

So I dumped out everything, tossed the q-tips, opened one of the toothrushes and replaced my existing one, took the other toothbrushes, the tiny toothpastes, the unopened boxes of floss, an extra toothbrush older, etc. and put them into the bin in the other bathroom with extra toothbrushes and floss and stuff.  Ditto the small roll of emergency toilet paper that was part of a gag gift years ago that I tossed under there.

Threw out some more stuff, cleaned the bin (it was grungy) and put back ony what I needed.   It's nice to see only what I really need.

There is still a number of colognes and aftershaves that my wife's given me over the years.  Maybe I should wear that stuff more often.

No shaving stuff in here, it's in a different bathroom.

The Batman flashlight went into my nightstand drawer (which I cleaned recently) but I should figure out how to get rid of it.  It has no value, but it's kinda cool.
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