Thursday, August 19, 2010

Odds and Ends 44


ENGADGET -- Spirit Rover may not live through bitter Martian winter


FAIL BLOG -- Poster WIN - Parents, you'll love this one and wish to buy copies


NY MAGAZINE -- Why Parents Hate Parenting - Monika posted. Warning, you may want to skim - is *SIX* pages long. Someone getting paid by the word? Holy cow.


You brought this on yourself, WAFF of Huntsville, Ala. I think you were trying to make this guy look bad by putting him on air, or despite your nice sets and fancy suits, you guys are really not very good at this TV thing. So anyhow, Kelly Dodson wakes up to find someone in her bed with her. She screams, her brother comes to her aid, the guy gets away. (Not funny.) WAFF does a news story that's way too long and makes a viral hit out of Antoine Dodson (funny). And then someone takes it a step further by auto-tuning it into a song. (Very funny, quite catchy.) So while we all can enjoy it, shame on you, WAFF-TV.


ENGADGET -- Robotic yellow submarine finds massive river under the sea, tons of other trippy stuff - first one directly observed, if on land, would be sixth largest river


UNCLUTTERER -- Marketing to Unclutterers-In-Name-Only - Home Shopping Network's "Eat Pray Love"-a-palooza with 400 producers really misses the point.


WSDOT -- Smarter signs on I-5 in Seattle show promise after first week

-8-10- Videos after the break... scratching a lemur, Simon's cat is in a box and watch out for Darth Bird with his own theme music.


Lemur likes being scratched. I can totally hear King Julian giving his praise to the scratcher when I watch this.


Simon's cat in "The Box" (this is the same cat that hit its owner with a baseball bat)

-10- VIDEO

Darth Bird.

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