Monday, August 23, 2010

Diet, Next Round

Ok, I fought for the Dairy Queen Blizzard and then I've done really poorly since then. I dropped the 10 pounds, had my Blizzard, and then set a new goal for 10 more pounds, but I didn't have an objective in mind. And I've just floated below the surface of the last goal, not diving down at all towards the next goal.

I've had some temptations and I've yielded to just about every one of them. Really doesn't help any. I've not been sleeping enough and eating after 8 pm which was supposed to be my cut-off.

I'm watching my friends Corey and Chris work hard and lose weight. But I've been flailing, laughing, not taking it seriously. No more.

So, I'm going to kick it up a notch. We're going to make this a 15 pound goal, not a 10 pound goal. And I'm going to start saying no again. Tomorrow's weigh-in is going go stink, but time to recommit, doing that now.

This time - Zoopa. Which I just learned is the only one in the state. And apparently there's only one Souplantation in the state, way down in Vancouver. Seriously, we're living in the dark ages up here.
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