Thursday, August 12, 2010

Go Big or Go Home

Unclutterer's recent post of the same name reminded me of a "vision" I had years ago. I don't know how long ago now, if it was college or high school, but I suspect early college.

Below me, a gravel and mud road. Ahead of me, a slight depression in the landscape, lots of trees spreading out for miles, a small clearing, more mud, and a partially completed house. I was wearing a black trench coat and dark dress clothes as if I had just come from church. A slightly overcast, slightly windy day. To my left, a woman, presumably my wife, also dressed nicely in dark clothing. Behind me, a shiny black sedan, the back window partially rolled down and a small blonde haired girl and boy peeking out, fingers curled over the edge of the window.

While I never put a plan in place to see that actually happen, quite a few pieces of that did. But I think the built-for-us home in a more remote location probably won't happen. And soon, I face the prospect of losing the black sedan for a hand-me-down champagne-colored small sport utility vehicle.

I wouldn't say I'm mourning the vision, but it makes me momentarily melancholy this morning. However, I must now go get ready for work, so this will pass quickly as I get back to reality.

One in which I'm very tired and need that shower and lots of caffeine to fully awaken.
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