Monday, August 16, 2010

A Thing a Day 9

Day 9 - The driver's seat
Tonight, I took a look in my car - areas I can reach while driving where stuff might end up -- the center console, the door handle well, the door pocket, the ash tray and the small storage (music player?) spot below the radio.

The last two were empty.  The ash tray's always open because I have an adapter plugged into the cigarette lighter.  Actually, I have two - one for the iPod and a second one for the iPhone.  I was surprised not to find anything in the ash tray.  The small storage area was empty because I usually keep the iPod in there when driving.

The door pocket yielded some interesting stuff... compact umbrella (went back), plastic bags (repacked more compactly), garage door opener (returned, natch) and outdated proof-of-insurance (burn bin).

The door handle well had a pack of gum (went back) and some pens (relocated to center console).

The center console had the most stuff... an old GPS (went back in for now), a compass (didn't seem to work, tossed), the cap to a water bottle (temporarily relocated to kitchen.  If I don't find the water bottle in the next few days, I'll toss it.  That will be the surest way to find the water bottle.), a packet of splenda (tossed), more pens (overall, kept three total), hairbrush (probably unnecessary? went back in for now), flashlight, some sticky bumps (used to hold Blackberry in place on dash while driving.  No longer necessary, into the house for now), an old Dilbert (Dogbert is advising the big boss (the CEO) that if he wants to help the environment he needs to ram hybrids with his SUV so they'll stop using gas altogether... anyhow, recycling bin), some money (bank), outdated registration (burn bin) and a CD case (back in - my favorite CD is in the player, in case I find myself in the car without any music players - nearly impossible, but you never know) and some random trash (trash).  And a pressure gauge still in its wrapper.  Threw the wrapper away and put the gauge back in.

I actually added to the center console - several sheets of paper.  A few months ago when that bozo hit me, all I had was a few Dilbert cartoons to write her info on.

I'll tackle the glove box at another time.  I suspect that all I'll find there is outdated receipts for tires and brake work and oil changes.
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