Monday, August 09, 2010

A Thing a Day 2

Day 2 - Six t-shirts
I have a pretty easy wardrobe.  One of the foundational pieces is a simple t-shirt, almost always accompanied by an overshirt.  There are three types of t-shirts: black, non-black, and non-blank.

I have never owned too many "non-blank" t-shirts -- company logos, sports teams, humorous or whatever. It's very, very, very rare that I would wear one of these to work.  They are mostly for hanging out around the house or sleeping.

Non-black (other colors and the occasional white) used to be the group I had the most of.  I would mix and match them with complementary overshirts or sweaters.  (Patterned, hawaiian or plain.)

Over time, I have moved to mostly black t-shirts.  They go with anything and they take less work to decide if they match or not.

We had a lot of clean laundry waiting to get put away after our vacation so I pulled out all the shirts and looked at them.  Some weren't in great shape.  I have a habit of wearing stuff until it literally falls apart.  I do like nice clothes, but they're usually fancier pieces like dress shirts and ties, which I don't have much opportunity to wear at work these days, sadly.

So I pulled out all of my t-shirts and looked over all of them.  Six didn't make the cut - poor shape or, in the case of the t-shirt from my college television station, it had paint on it from when we first painted the bedroom after we bought our first house.  Keeping it around was sentimental, but silly.

I could cut them into squares and make rags out of them, but we already have plenty of rags.  So, into the bin they go and there's day two.
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