Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A Thing a Day 4

Day 4 - Nightstand, Top Drawer
Ah, the top drawer of the nightstand.  I didn't think it was that bad.  Until I took everything out of it.

So I essentially laid out everything and then got to work.

Went back in the drawer: Two puzzle boxes.  They're just neat.  At the moment, I can't get the clear one open.  I know how, but it seems stuck.  The other wooden one is from Russia and has Russian coins inside.  I wouldn't say I collect them (since I only have two), but they're kinda neat.  Also, one of the two hand-crank flashlights.  The other one will probably end up in my car.  I do have two other flashlights (a massive head-cracking MagLight under my mattress) and a tiny LED one on my nightstand, so a hand-crank one might not be necessary.  Maybe next clean-out it'll move.  My little ZipZap car also went back in.  It's really old, an early gift from Lori.  Still works but only on the linoleum floor in our bathroom, not this wooden floor here.  Four pens, two of which have sentimental value, all four of which work.  The envelope full of photos.  The loyalty cards (to deal with later), the small pouch with a few electronic pieces inside.  The post-it note pads.  The multi-tool in the case.  The candy canes.  Chapstick.  Three screws (two of which I'm sure are really important). Book light.

Went elsewhere: $1.35 in loose change (piggy bank), pens (downstairs pen jar), towel (laundry), box of candy wrappers, old cough drops and the like, old soy sauce, old mints (trash), other electronic odds and ends (audio/video box), lanyard (trash), plug covers (electrical box), tools and single work glove (garage to be put away - if in a future clean-up of tools the other glove can't be found, then I'll toss this one), old expired health card with personally-identifiable-information (burn bin).

All in all, a good clean-up.  Drawer is in much better shape.  I could probably go further with some dividers or a silverware tray and I might have one of those in the garage.
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