Sunday, June 30, 2013

Week 13 (Final)

Sunday night - Yeah, busy weekend. Hot, hot weekend. In the end, 46 items completed today and 217 items completed total. This week's realization: It's not all about me. These may be things I think need to be done, but if Lori has other stuff she needs done, I can't look at them as interruptions from what I had planned. Or if I'm going to do stuff she's already done or stuff she's happy to do. So the next step is sharing my plans with Lori as I go. However, I will be starting next week at a disadvantage, I don't have time tonight to plan out the next week ahead of time. I'll work into it as the week goes on. That may be the beauty of this evolving thing, it may not be as important to do a lot of prep ahead of time. We shall see.

Saturday night - This week will end poorly, from a diet and task perspective. It's too hot to do anything and we had a picnic. I didn't eat well and there's another picnic tomorrow. I guess I can look forward to next weekend. Sleep has been horrible.

Friday night - I didn't expect much of today. Poor sleep last night, I slept in to the very last minute this morning and then it was a hot evening and everything was out of the ordinary and it was a Friday. Still managed to knock out 27 things, including some that won't come back for several months. A number of things this weekend will limit what I can get done. This week the balance is in the daily and the weekly.

Thursday night - I let myself get distracted again. I can now see how that happens. It was a moment of leisure. That's not necessarily bad, but it does mean I get less done. It is what it is. I guess I have to figure out what my priorities are. And tonight I decided they were just goofing off a little bit. That's fine from time-to-time, I can't just work work work all the time day and night. I still managed to get 35 things crossed off my list. There's probably a thing or two more I'll do tonight, but I probably won't check them off because at that point, it serves no purpose. I am the happiest about how much I've simplified this checkin. (Oh, even though I'm not tracking it publicly, I am being honest with my diet and coming in under calories. And keeping my email caught up. Feedly's a little behind at the moment, but a big chunk of that is feeds I follow for work. Also a little behind on TED Talks, but not too bad.)

Wednesday night - I did not expect to get a lot done because I had a commitment tonight. And then it got canceled and I did expect to get the usual amount done. But then I didn't. Not sure why. I know that I lose speed as the week progresses, but I only completed 26 things today, that's not good enough. If I don't improve tomorrow night, that means this more minimalist tracking isn't working.  We've been having sleep issues and the last two nights the little hobbit was back up at 11 pm having second dinner. But I still got up on time this morning and got stuff done, so not sure what the problem was. Guess I was just distracted tonight. Good news, we're getting upstairs much earlier tonight, so hoping for better sleep and more of it tonight. Might even allow me to wake up a few minutes earlier and get a little more done before work.

Tuesday night - Another 38 completed. Key is getting up and getting stuff done before work and looking at both the list for the day and also for the week to see if there's any non-repeating stuff that it makes sense to complete early. I'm liking this. It's finally becoming simple.

Monday night - A successful day. 40 items completed.

Sunday night - I've tagged all the large items so that I can move get to them as a group. Those are the ones that require time, planning and probably a trip to Home Depot, or at least moving a lot of furniture. I figured out some nifty tricks in Remember the Milk just by guessing. Thrilled about that - that's one more step eliminated from the end of each week, no more reprogramming most of the smart lists, they'll just always be up-to-date. Starting next week with 29 daily repeating items (that's too many), 133 one-time items (non-repeating or the next repeat is after next Sunday) and 19 items that once completed will appear again at least once in the week. As is the case with Sundays, feeling pretty good. We'll see how I feel next Sunday. :) It did, however, take over an hour of planning to get to this list and I feel it's a little bit loose (but does take into consideration the mid-week stuff, but not the weekend picnics.)
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