Sunday, June 16, 2013

Deleting the Cat

So ATAD (A Thing a Day) is all about removing clutter from one's life in the pursuit of simplification, right? One of today's things was removing Carol the cat from the Wii Fit Plus screen. It would remind me every so often that it has been a long time since she had done a weigh-in (to which I'd respond "that's because she's dead" to Lori's chagrin) and the Wii would also remind me on her birthday making me sad.

But since she's been gone for 2 years now, leaving her, like a ghost in the system, was just mental clutter. This was way overdue. (Also removed Coco the dog, but that wasn't a real dog, just something Rachel made up.)

On the flip side, it made me again take to the internet to search for Carol the Cat's eponym, Carol the Youth Director of the High School program at the church I attended in the early 90s. For the first time ever, I found her, photo and everything. Married, children, serving with a medical mission in Indonesia until last month. No internet profile to speak of, so sent a quick hello via the mission organization. Don't know if it will reach her or if she'll want to respond, but it's nice just to have that mystery solved - looks she's doing quite well. This was the one and only time the internet was beating me but I have triumphed. Take that, internet.
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