Sunday, June 16, 2013

Week 11 (Sunday)

Sunday evening - as I continue to refine, I'm working towards making this blog posting obsolete - no longer needed to understand my week. I want to make sure I'm getting the right stuff done, but I also want to make the system simpler and simpler.  So I'll continue to try to figure out what I'm doing more frequently than necessary, what will get done (list or not) and how to make sure I'm getting the right big picture items done.

Friday evening - I haven't put forth a good effort this week. Not to say the system is failing, but that I failed the system. I do believe this is only temporary, that I'm still recovering from last weekend.

Thursday evening - today I tried to focus on the non-repeating items and get stuff off the list that woulnd't come back this week. And when all was said and done - 34 items completed. That will stop surprising me soon. That just seems to be about the amount I can handle in a day when there's nothing extraordinary.

Wednesday evening - poor sleep again last night so I slept in as long as possible this morning and did pretty much nothing before work. I still managed to check off a respectable 40 items today. I'm getting back on track. Feels good. Really really need a decent night's sleep.

Tuesday evening - another extra-ordinary day. I'll need to write about it shortly - two things - (1) my daughter's birthday and (2) I was a Watch DOGS (it's a bad acronym) at her school today and that was pretty rewarding. I thought that would mean I got done earlier and got some stuff done, but then when we got in the car to come home, it rained, so no going outside to mow lawns, instead playing card games inside with her, though in retrospect I wish I had been a little more focused on just her. I think two birthday parties this last weekend kind of made her birthday a little more anticlimactic than her mother and I would have liked in retrospect. So didn't do much today. No exercise and more bad-for-my-diet goodness. Tomorrow should be a more typical day, but until all the goodies are out of the house, I will remain - as always - in trouble.

Monday evening - Well, this week will entail some clean-up. I went off-script early Friday and didn't go anywhere near the cow all weekend. So back into Remember the Milk - looking at 196 more tasks this week and 36 completed today. That is right on trend. Almost uncanny.
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