Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Feed Sift

Five things I that have caught my attention recently and I wanted to share.


"You don't have to pander," Seth Godin writes in a rather long post about, well, why you shouldn't.  Seth's usually pretty good at articulating common sense in a way that's very sharable and then from time to time, he rises far beyond.  This is one of those gems.


"Success is not magic. It is hard work." Shaun Nestor puts together a great indepth piece. Even if you skim the headlines and think "Yeah, I sort of already kind of know this sort of." it's a good refresher about doing the work outlining some specific tactics.


In 1913, First Lutheran Church in Oklahoma wanted to buy a new pipe organ and financed it by selling space in a time capsule. 100 years later the organ's still in use and it was time to dig up the time capsule buried under the church basement. Something exciting about seeing the words "to our friends in 2013" and know they were written in 1913. Here's 30 photos and a link to all 80+.


3D-printed tracheal splint supports baby's airways, saves life. Amazing.


"When Life Gets Messy, Shine Your Sink" - some great simple advice about doing stuff you know how to do when you're feeling overwhelmed. A great way to take control when things are feeling out of control.

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