Sunday, June 02, 2013

Week 9 (Final)

Week of May 27-June 2

Exercise: Jumping Jacks: 500 [goal: 500] // Push-ups: 180 [goal: 200] // Situps: 180 [goal:200]

Saturday, June 2 - Last night I had other plans and didn't get online. The week is done. I had to postpone a lot of stuff. I actually need to plan for less on weekends, not more. I got 8 of the 9 items I wanted to get done completed. Also didn't get all the jumping jacks and pushups and situps. 

RTM - Completed Today: 58 // Completed This Week: 343

Email: 39 (Inbox: 20; Later: 19) // Feedly - 3 // TED Talks - zero

Friday, May 31 - This week seems to have flown by.  It was complicated, especially at work, but it seems like it's flown by.
RTM - Completed: 50; A - 105; S - 20 // Week: 125 (Completed: 245)
Email: 33 (Inbox: 2; Later: 31) // Feedly - 6 // TED Talks - 11

Thursday, May 30 - I tried to focus on stuff that once checked off wouldn't just come back the next day. A few once and dones and a few things that are now done for several months. Some of those took more time, so it feels like I got less done, but some of the stuff I didn't do (like cleaning up all the toys in the living room) will just get cleaned up tomorrow night. I also decided to resume ATAD (A Thing A Day). I'm not going to necessarily document it, but I'm going to try to get in the habit of getting rid of something every day, whether it's into the trash or donation. I just have too much stuff. But I realized I'm failing at simplicity. Why? Because I'm not ruthless. Hmm... ruthless simplicity? Interesting. There were a lot of fires at work. I got called into a meeting at 7:50 when I was just arriving and it was pretty much non-stop until 5:20 when I was finally able to leave, then a crazy drive home and then a call and some looking into stuff from home after the children were in bed. And now, bed and get up and do it all over again.
RTM - Completed: 47; F - 69; A - 39; S - 17 // Week: 125 (Completed: 195)
Email: 40 (Inbox: 14; Later: 26) // Feedly - 71 // TED Talks - 11

Wednesday, May 29 - I got more sleep last night, but I don't think it was enough.  I snoozed and didn't get a lot done before work.  I didn't get a lot done after work, either, but I got a few bigger things done, including five items off my big list for the week. It was... a weird day.  Rachel had been up a lot of the night so she was trouble right off the bat.  By the time I got home, things were worse.  I was supposed to go do something tonight but I begged off because there was just too much to do.  But then the stuff I chose to do took a lot of time so I still ended up with very little done.  Still no walking due to crummy weather.  I've been under my calories the past few days even if I haven't reported it here.  I got called into a meeting at 5 minutes to 5 today and asked to take over fixing something at work.  Just when I thought I was getting a handle on things. Apparently I'm not allowed to have margin anywhere in my life.
RTM - Completed: 40; R - 79; F - 6; A - 36; S - 16 // Week: 137 (Complete: 148)
Email: 32 (Inbox: 0; Later: 32) // Feedly - zero // TED Talks - 11

Tuesday, May 28 - I didn't get enough sleep last night.  One of our children was up and making noise and kept us up. Even after I went downstairs I could still hear them. I put the cat in the laundry room so I could sleep on the couch and he just meowed a lot. It was such a hard night that I slept in about as long as I could and then spent the entire day waiting for tonight so I could try or a do-over. Here's hoping for a good night's rest. Here's an interesting article about being a workaholic. It talks about an office, but I think one can be a workaholic at home, too. That's something I'm probably in danger of. It's good to be aware of.
RTM - Completed: 50; W - 79; R - 8; F - 4; A - 36; S - 16 // Week: 143 (Complete: 107)
Email: 35 (Inbox: 1; Later: 34) // Feedly - zero // TED Talks - 13

Monday, May 27 - Today started out really neat. Rachel was already up and Ben was awake when I got up. Lori joined us after a little while and put the finishing touches on a cake while the rest of us hung out at the kitchen table.  It was really cool. It was a quiet start to a day with a lot of rain and a indoor birthday/memorial day get-together.  
RTM - Completed: 57; T - 63; W - 34; R - 6; F - 4; A - 34; S - 14 // Week: 155 (Complete: 57)
Email: 41 (Inbox: 14; Later: 27) // Feedly - zero // TED Talks - 13

Sunday, May 26 - I left a bunch of stuff on tomorrow, but it's mostly little things.  I'll just postpone the stuff I can't get to. Also, I'm identifying nine items I really want to get done this week.  The rest are nice-to-haves.
Remember the Milk: Recurring - 25; M - 44; T - 16; W - 15; R - 3; F - 3; A - 32; S - 14

1. Regrout Bathtub
2. Family Room - Clean Light Fixture
3. Back Upper Lawn - Mow
4. Back Lower Lawn - Mow
5. Front North Lawn - Mow
6. Front South Lawn - Mow
7. Patch holes in Ben's room (from removed cabinet)
8. Install carbon monoxide detector family room
9. Install carbon monoxide detector upper hall
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