Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Print Sift

Some stuff I've read recently that I thought was interesting.

Coworking Spaces - Why AT&T, Zappos and others are sharing office space with strangers -- not to save rent. (Fast Company)

Innovative Healthcare - As part of Fast Company's 50 Most Innovative Companies, these healthcare companies are worth a look. Consider:
Failure to follow prescribed care costs the nation $100 billion a year. Also, drug companies make more money when people keep their prescriptions up. Enough to where they'll donate medicine to people who can't afford it when people who can afford it stay current. Another $174 billion is lost to diabetes, but continuous glucose monitors are aiming to help cut that. (Fast Company)

10 Food Storage Guidelines You Didn't Know - stuff to toss, stuff to never put in the fridge. (Reader's Digest)

Get Pinned, Go to Jail - How law enforcement is using Pinterest to help catch criminals. (Reader's Digest)

Going away? Keep burglars at bay - some great tips for making your home less of a target, such as covering garage windows so burglars can't look inside to see if your car(s) are gone. (Consumer Reports)

Buying beef? Read this first - apparently most beef (including organic) is now "mechanically tenderized" - a process involving jamming microscopic needles into the meat repeatedly. That's fine, unless there's e-coli on the beef, that will push it into the meat. Make sure you're getting the insides adequately cooked. (Consumer Reports)

A favorite around our house - Consumer Reports says that if you're painting or staining and considering your choices - if Behr is one of your choices, grab Behr. They say you pretty much don't need to go anywhere but Home Depot as Behr tops all the categories it's available in.

Scheduled to post while I'm at work, but not written at work.

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