Thursday, January 22, 2009

Four Year-Old Logic

So, the four-year-old seems to taking a long time in the bathroom and for once has actually remembered to shut the door. I'm playing with the baby so I haven't noticed exactly how long, but I hear water splashing, so figure she's playing in the sink again, but I'd better check.

She admits that there's a problem but nothing seems amiss at first. She points out that the emergency-toy-recovery-tongs (bought at the dollar tree, to be used only in the bathroom, never to leave the bathroom) are wet but resting in their normal space on a piece of paper towel on the back of the toilet. The water in the toilet seems cloudy and almost to the brim. I notice a roll of paper towel on the counter and then see that the roll of toilet paper is empty and the pieces all start to fall into place... the paper towel wasn't flushing correctly so the tongs seemed like the perfect tool to force the paper down the drain. Thank God I demand that we buy select-a-size or it would have been much worse.

The baby into the crib, the 4yo into the shower for a quick scrubdown. Girl into pajamas, teeth brushed, quick prayer and hugs and kisses all around. The baby into a sleeper, lights off, back in the crib. The girl into bed, lights out. No devotion or Bible reading, just me back into the bathroom to work some more at the clog.

And that's how the kids were in bed at 7 pm and I didn't get to play with them very much and I feel bad about that.
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