Thursday, January 29, 2009

another twenty5

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I keep getting tagged! I must owe like 100 more things now. But seriously, who wants to see things like:

67. Apparently, I don't like closing doors all the way and often leave most doors unlatched.

97. I believe with enough money and enough smart people willing to hear me out and then tell others what I've told them, I could orchestrate putting someone in the White House in 20 or 40 years.

Since I'm sure no one does, let's mix it up a bit.

25 reasons why I love my wife. (In no particular order.)

1. She's really smart, but doesn't flaunt it.

2. She's much wiser and smarter than me, but doesn't make me feel dumb.

3. She takes the kids to story time every Friday, and lets me reserve books on her library card and goes and picks them up from the library for me.

4. She has a great sense of humor, and also gets mine.

5. This one's actually none of your business.

6. This one, either.

7. Together we've made some really fine looking kids.

8. Helps me to understand the holes in my logic when I go on a rant and demand change in this or that.

9. Doesn't complain even though I'm constantly signing her out of Facebook or Gmail so that I can sign-in myself.

10. She's more outgoing and social, which encourages and inspires me.

11. She bundles up the kids and they all come and bring me lunch at work every week.

12. She is really involved and engaged with the church we're currently attending.

13. She's endures a lot with far less complaining or whining than I would in many situation. I don't want to say she "suffers silently" but that she has a much larger comfort zone than me.

14. We have a single email that we've been sending back and forth (we delete a lot of stuff off of it) for almost 10 years.

15. She introduces me to TV shows that I end up liking that I would have never watched otherwise.

16. She's not afraid to try new things like changing her hair color just to see what it looks like.

17. If I take too long in doing something, she eventually does it herself, often without complaining. I don't do this on purpose, I just have a tendency to put stuff off.

18. She does all the household budgeting.

19. She's incredibly patient and forgiving. This must come as no surprise to anyone who knows me.

20. She's willing to drive a minivan (I think she said 3 years max).

21. She has not only brought me coffee from Starbucks, she's actually started drinking some herself.

22. She agrees with me that Dairy Queen Blizzards are an almost perfect food.

23. She's very clearly shown that she will not let anything come between her and her family.

24. She cheers me up when I'm down.

24. The way she lives her life is an example to me and causes me to strive to be a more Godly parent and spouse.

24. She gives great gifts.

24. She does a lot of housework and rarely mentions how much she misses having Leticia come every other week.

24. She gets along very well with my parents and actually wants them to move closer.

24. This one's also none of your business.

24. She is a great cook and cooks a lot and is always trying new recipes with great success.

24. She hasn't given up on her mom but has also allowed me to stay out of that picture.

24. She sacrifices a lot to stay at home with our children and to allow me to work at a non-profit, never doing "If only you had been able to stay at the studio... Imagine how much you'd be making now."

24. She reads parenting books and magazines and emails and forwards me stuff she finds interesting or pertinent or relevant, so that I can be more involved/educated even though I don't think I have the time to read the vast collection of work she does.

24. Her Sudoku skills astound me.

24. She's a great writer and copy editor. Things I used to think I was good at, I can't hold a candle to her skill in that arena.

24. She is a humongous Disney-fan.

24. She supports my need for familiarity / constant / routine / ritual / rut (restaurants, Blizzard flavor, hotel chain) but would also be supportive if I suddenly had a spontaneous streak.

24. She supports me in my life-long ban of bad companies like United Airlines and Sprint.

25. She's hot.

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