Monday, January 19, 2009

Right About Now

On a work day, right about now the countdown has begun to going home. Well, on many days, it's been counting down all day. (I often set up timers on the screen at the beginning of the day to count down to all of my meetings and scheduled items.) With less than two hours left, and typically one or two more meetings to go, it's starting to dawn on me how much I'm not going to get completed before I go home and/or how much I'm going to be delayed past the 5 pm mark I'm shooting for. I might also be thinking about what's going on that evening that might affect my ability to get stuff done at home (daughter's dance practice, wife's choir practice or Bible study, small group).

Not today. Today is a holiday, a Monday holiday that came after a weekend of no engagements. It's been nice having the opportunity to slow down a little. We've been cleaning up from Christmas, but it's been at a much more leisurely pace. There's still chores to do tonight, but I don't feel anxious or rushed. Check back with me on Friday. :)
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