Thursday, January 08, 2009

Nothing On

I remember when I got my first TV, sometime I think in high school. Whenever I turned on the TV, there was always something on. And by college, I had two TVs on almost non-stop. (One was usually muted on CNN.) Wish I could still do that. I went to the trouble of drilling a hole through the wall and running a cable so that I could watch the DVR on the small TV in the laundry room.

I looked at my parents, who rarely watched TV. I didn't get it. Why didn't they watch TV?

I get it. Or, at least now I have one of those "transition" theories. Here goes... they used to watch a lot of TV (probably not) but over time, the networks showed showed fewer and fewer shows that they liked. And eventually, they stopped bothering to turn the TV on. And now I'm worried that I'm headed down that same route.

(That said, I hadn't planned to watch this season of Scrubs and just finished watching what might have been the best epsiode ever. Right up there with Brendan Fraser's final episode. Also envious of them sitting there on the roof of the hospital on Riverside with Burbank in the background. I miss those really warm southern California nights.)
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