Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Kingdom of Fog

The fog around here's just been crazy. Lots of fog over the weekend, and it was so bad in our neighborhood before and after work today that we had maybe 15-20 feet visibility. Coming home, I knew there were cars alongside the road and I could see someone had a car door open. They closed it, but then instead of just walking alongside the car, they were walking in the middle of the road. I was driving slow, but it was almost as if he was as surprised to see my black car materializing as I was to see his lumbering shape in the middle of the road. Yeah, I'm driving here. But, it had its cool moments as well. Arriving at work this morning, the gray fog that obscured all but the most basic outline of trees gave way to a heavy frost. Everything what tipped with white, but without the need to shovel. And arriving home this evening, there was dead silence. All lights were masked and just simple glows in the black, black, fog, and were there any sound to hear, it was extremely deadened, like slipping into a sensory deprivation tank.

I don't know how long the fog is supposed to last and I think this is the thickest I've seen it since we moved back and the longest it's stayed around, but it seems like everything describing the weather here is a new high, a new low, a new record, something we've (collectively, the region) never experienced before.
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