Wednesday, January 28, 2009


-=a facebook repost=-

1. I once, as a teenager, after having been pulled over, told the police officer that I didn't believe he had jurisdiction.
1b. I was not pulled from my car and beaten.
1c. I received only a warning.

2. I once, as a teenager, participated in someone's house, yard, car, basketball hoop, and driveway.
2b. The police showed up.
2c. My friend who lived there showed up and convinced the police that he didn't know who did it.
2d. My car was parked in the street at the time.
2e. With the doors open.
2f. With rolls of toilet paper sitting on the front and back seats.
2g. I remember hanging around in the light of the police car's headlights chatting with the cop.
2h. Some of my friends were sitting on the hood of the cop car.

3. I turned down several unsolicited calls from Disney to work for them.

4. Unfulfilled goals of mine at the end of my life will probably include: never traveling in space, never working for Disney, Microsoft or Google, not traveling as much as I'd have liked, never designing and building my own home.

5. I once got in trouble at school in fifth grade, was told to go sit in the hall, got bored and decided to walk home, walked 1.6 miles (just measured on, decided I probably wouldn't get a happy welcome when I got home, turned around and walked back. Got caught 20 feet from where I was supposed to be sitting and got in trouble for being out of my seat.
5b. It would take a 5th. grader a long time to walk over 3 miles.

6. I measure how successful my day was on whether I have less email at the end of the day than when I started or not.
6b. I went through (read, responded to, acted upon) over 260 pieces of email on Friday and ended the day with 50 fewer than when I started.
6c. That's an email every 90 seconds.
6d. People complain that they write to me on Facebook or Gmail and I never respond.
6e. I am starting to hate email.

7. Unrealized potential in others disappoints and frustrates me.

8. I don't remember Washington being this rural when I was growing up.
8b. And I lived in Bremerton!

9. I have too many pet peeves.

10. My resting weight is 190. If there is such a thing.
10b. The summer before last I lost 30 pounds.
10c. It all came back.
10d. I'm trying again.
10e. But I'm not very motivated.

11. I hate minivans and tiny cars.
11b. I secretly want a massive SUV.
11c. I'd never be able to park it.

12. I own an early draft of L.A. Story.
12b. My wife is a wonderful and thoughtful gift-giver.

13. The two-party political system has failed me.

14. I withhold extra money each year so I'll get a refund on my taxes.
14b. My dad says that's like a free loan to the government.
14c. I like to think of it as the government sending me on a free trip to the Embassy Suites in Bellevue while my parents watch the kids.

15. I'm thinking about joining a gym.
15b. I could make it come out in my favor just on the amount of hot water I'd use in the shower each day.

16. I believe I could run the company better than the current people running General Motors.

17. I believe I could successfully operate a car theft ring.

18. I usually read books late at night when I should be sleeping.
18b. I'm often tired and drink at least two cups of coffee a day.
18c. I get headaches around 5 pm on Saturday if I don't have coffee that morning.
18d. So many people get me Starbucks cards that I can usually go 2-3 times a month and I never have to pay.

19. I've maintained post office boxes almost continuously since 1989.

20. I'm leaving number 20 blank.

21. I've faked my way onto the NBC lot before.
21b. It was really easy, just needed a cell phone and acting like I was on a call. (Security's probably better now.)

22. I've only quit one job in my life.
22b. It was extremely liberating.

23. My iPod is socialist. Sort of.

24. I believe that Dairy Queen Blizzards are good for when you are sad, when you are celebrating, when you are marking a diet milestone, etc.

25. I never learned to read.

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