Monday, January 12, 2009

Office Hours

I maintain "office hours" - I'm not a college professor - but when I held this position before, people working with me complained that I was always away from my desk, they could never find me. Yeah, I was in meetings and drowning in the mail at the same time.

So this time around, I decided I would have "office hours" - certain periods each time where I would work my hardest to be at my desk. It would allow people to know they could find me, eliminate unnecessary scheduled meetings (when really quick ones suffice) and allow me to try to do a better job at being caught up with my email.

It's been working really well.

Except in cases today where someone drops by 30 minutes before the "office hours" and stays for over an hour until I finally kick them out. And what do I get for all that? One actual action item. Grrrr.
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