Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Sweeping Water

I found myself in the garage tonight, sweeping water with a push broom. We had parked the cars, snow still attached, in the garage several times recently, resulting in melted snow pooling on the concrete. Today there was only one car, so I pulled it out and got to work, getting rid of all the standing water I could. The rest I spread out evenly, hoping it would evaporate quicker that way. Then I rolled Lori's SUV back into the garage and Lori returned shortly in my sedan. Back out there a few minutes ago getting tools to hang a bulletin board, I noticed the water's back. There's no leak, there was just so much water on the cars from the heavy, heavy rain that as it dripped off onto the floor, it was enough for standing water again. *sigh*

When we came up to look at houses in Feb. 2006, we experienced some heavy rains the night we flew in, but the next two days were nice and clear. We were told they had a freak January where it rained every single day. 31 straight days of rain. (When we moved into our house in early March, the side yard was still waterlogged, the grass apparently floating an inch or two above the topsoil.) Unusual, they said.

That year, heavy winds. It's not always like this, they said. 100-year windstorm they said. 5 days without power. The next year, 70-year windstorm. Incredibly unbearably hot for 3 weeks in the summer. Unusual snow. This year, a 15-year snowstorm. (Snowcaplyse, some called it.) And now, for over 24 hours now, California style rain. Massive flooding. Not here where we're on a hill on top of a hill on top of another hill, but south of here, I-5 closed for 20 miles. Last year it was so bad there were national fundraisers to help people caught in the flooding.

I dunno. Perhaps it's global warming.
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