Monday, January 05, 2009

Couch Time

One of the things one of our parenting classes talked about was the need for "Couch Time." It was supposed to be reserved time where you and your spouse just sat on the couch. No kids on the couch, no interruptions. It was a really good idea and while we did it occasionally, it's not something we'd been able to do regularly. Tonight Rachel misbehaved at the end of dinner and got sent to bed. (Don't worry, she ate all the rice, meat and rolls, she just didn't finish her veggies... one wonders if that was the plan.) So afterwards, Lori and I just sat at the dinner table talking and hanging out. It was really nice.

In other news, the hour I spent last night shoveling snow (it rained all night and was slush by morning and heated up during the day and was gone by days' end) caught up with me a little less than 24-hours later and over the evening my back has felt worse and worse. I had fun but I guess at some point in the next 10 years I'll need to face the fact that both of my grandfathers had problems with heart attacks and I'll not be the old guy who fights the snow with nothing but his bare hands and a shovel. I'll be the guy watching the snow from the comfort of the couch.
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