Friday, January 09, 2009


Drat. Forgot that I need to fast for 12 hours for the last part of my physical, a blood draw. I was thinking that I would go by Starbucks for a 3M and then McDonalds for a McGriddle when I was done. (Part of my new diet, of course.) And so here I am snacking on Ritz crackers because I left them down here next to the exercise bike last night. Had turned TV on but not tuned to anything. It was on Comedy Central and sure enough, before long, the comic starts talking about how great the McGriddle is and how lame they are for not serving it after 10:30 am. He didn't even really have a joke, except to complain that it's apparently called McGriddles even though you don't go in and ask for a Big Macs or a Filet O' Fishes.) So, guess I'll have to settle for just Starbucks tomorrow.
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